Camel Safari in Thar Desert

Camel,Community and Desert Taste:-

Enter in the Thar desert camel-back. Walk up and down with a secular rhythm, between millenaries dunes and get a chance to approach their mysteries. Here travelers are welcome to live a real RajasthaniÂ’ experience. Going to get a chance to discover hosts of Thar desert community who are living with traditional customs and traditions, also detect some flora and fauna unsuspected at first glance. Great Indian Desert is an immensely desert space, but sparsely inhabited, one canÂ’t find the same in the world because all deserts are different. Some harsh travelers find deserts unvaried, but most enthusiasts find supreme happiness. Camel in Past, the only one mean for transportation in remote areas, the camel is not an ordinary animal, it is first rugged, adapted with climate.

First use as a beast of burden, camel provides its owner some milk, leather, and wool. In spite of in this desert, nobody eats camel meat, thatÂ’s why people can inhabit desert land. Here camel has only one hump, in reality, it is a dromedary, even if one prefers employed, camel. Dark coat or light coat, it shows haughty its singular sedate manner and its temperamental mood.

1.Authentic Rural life in Rajasthan:(Itineraries) 

We propose this only for small groups (2 to 6 people) you could get a chance to approach the real local daily life in Thar desert. 

2.Experience the difference!

Maharaja Camp + Traditional Huts home in Desert:(Itineraries)  Get a chance to live a part of past caravan life, especially with the incredible comfort of royal tents in Thar desert. 

3.Just Out!

For those who do not want to ride the camel The option is walking, jeep or camel-cart ride You may want to experience the desert country, its people, way of life and animals either stay at our huts home or Camp out under the stars! or Both.

You may prefer to choose your own trips, with your own duration.

One night

Two nights

More nights

contact us to organise-
  • Tailor- Made Rural Experience
  • Taxi +Driver Service for tour of Rajasthan.
  • camel safari.
  • walks,Jeep & Horse Riding safari.
  • *for couples,families and friends * small group only.